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High school can be an overwhelming time for any individual. As you progress through grades 9-12, the curriculum becomes more specialized and advanced. As such, achieving good grades becomes quite challenging. At Sunnybrook Secondary School, our tutors have the ability to help students reduce their stress levels both in and out of the classroom environment. Our tutoring program is personalized and has a unique approach for several different types of learners. We work diligently with each student to ensure they are staying focused on their academic goals, while motivating them through all difficult subjects.

Our tutors provide students with the tools, practice, and encouragement they need to become proactive and efficient with their academics. Our objective is to enhance academic success by giving each student every opportunity possible to reach their full potential. It is important to us that we help each student transition from frustration to motivation, so that they are on the path to reaching their academic goals.




Customization: At Sunnybrook we customize the teaching methods according to each individual’s preferred learning style.

Face to face Interaction: We provide one-to-one or online group teaching sessions. This is done through hosting a live chat or face to face conference, breaking the distance barrier.


Highly Qualified Staff:

Our Senior IELTS teacher is a highly qualified professional for more than 10 years within this field. She is confident in tutoring the course material and preparing students for test and examination questions.


Basic and Intensive


Audience: target score of 6.5 for high school students with a foundation in English

Class hours: 80 hours including listening, speaking, reading and writing

Special Course of Reading and Writing

Audience: students with a foundation in English who want to improve their reading and writing

Class hours: 40 hours of reading and writing

Listening and Oral English Courses

Audience: students who have a foundation in English and want to improve their vocabulary and spoken English

Class hours: listening and speaking for a total of 40 hours

6.5 Sprint


Audience: students with a solid English foundation hope to achieve a higher mark on the  IELTS test within a condensed period of time.

Class hours: 50 hours of listening, speaking, reading and writing



At Sunnybrook Secondary School we offer online course tutoring for English & Science courses. The key concept here is to help students break down the information so that they understand all concepts being taught in class.

In the Science curriculum, we focus on practice questions and experimental demonstrations in order for our students to comprehend the course material. These methods are used for practicing repetitively, and resolving any grey areas in relation to the course content.

In the English curriculum, we integrate several components such as; reading, writing, literary appreciation and speech content. This results in cultivating the emotion of language expression, the understanding of artistic conception and the ability of literary appreciation, followed by guide essay writing.

Tutoring Courses: math (advanced functions, vectors), physics, biology, chemistry, data management

Class type: synchronous guidance, elite excellence.

Teaching methods: one-to-one tutoring, VIP small class teaching


(French, Spanish, Mandarin)



Sunnybrook Secondary School presents a very unique opportunity by giving students the chance to learn a second language. We offer online tutoring for the following courses: French, Spanish and Chinese. Regardless of the students’ academic level, we customize courses to all abilities.


SAT is an examination that is required for American high school students. They must sit this exam in order to pursue further education with an American university. It is equivalent to the college entrance examination in China, and it is also an important reference for high school students from all over the world to apply for admission to prestigious American schools and whether they can get scholarships. The SAT test is divided into the SAT comprehension test (most American universities only require the SAT score) and SAT subject test.

SSAT is the American Secondary School entrance examination, which is a necessary test result for private secondary schools in the United States and Canada. It mainly measures the students' mathematics, Chinese and reading comprehension ability, and examines the logical thinking and development potential of the examinees. The SSAT exam includes Upper (grades 8-11), Middle (grades 5-7) and Elementary (grades 3-4).

 Individualized teaching

1. Fully understand the examination process, question types, and scoring method. We take the time to help students familiarize themselves with various types of questions and their problem-solving skills.

2.  Explain the latest SAT and SSAT exam questions followed by providing exclusive review material exercises.

3. Explain the key points of the examination in depth.

4 Break down one by one for personalized needs and main points, short-term sprint target score.



With the fierce competition for undergraduate courses in North America, the outstanding achievements in math competitions have become an advantageous factor for entering school. Sunnybrook has launched a highly competitive Waterloo Mathematics Competition Class. The Ivy League guidelines are used as a foundation for mentor teaching mechanism for learning. This competition would allow you to stand out in the process of applying for designated majors.

Adaptive Population

•Good performance in mathematics, plan to apply for popular majors, especially in science and Engineering

• Improve your ability of logical thinking, increasing the reserve of mathematical knowledge, and create a path for the foundation of further education.

Course content and features:

• Providing an in-depth analysis for key concepts in relation to the exam.

• Enhancing problem solving skills to improve accuracy.

• Mock exams which are scenario-based questions in order to fully prepare students.

• our school team provides an after-class tracking service, which is to enhance the student’s educational development.


Free Trial Class

Free trial class for all subjects. Our tutors engage with students in their academics and make the curriculum easy to understand on an individual level.

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