CHV2O – Civics

CHV2O – Civics


Civics and Citizenship provide opportunities for students to investigate issues of civic importance, the roles of different levels of government in addressing these issues, and how people’s beliefs and values affect their positions on these issues.

Students will analyze the roles, responsibilities, and influence of citizens in a democratic society and explore ways in which people can make a difference in the various communities to which they belong.

Students are encouraged to clarify their own beliefs and values relating to matters of civic and political importance and to explore ways in which they can respond to these matters.

Course Information

Course type: Academic

Pre-requisite: None

Availability: Open

Language: English

Credit value: 0.5

Creator: Sunnybrook Secondary School

Format: Online course

Local: +1 249-315-8686

International: +1 416-994-8321

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