Grade 9 Courses

The Foundation Courses

If you are a Grade 8 summer school student looking to get a head-start on high school or a Grade 9 student looking to lighten the workload, Sunnybrook Secondary School's online foundation courses is your one-stop-shop for the academic needs. See below for the courses offered by Sunnybrook Secondary School.

As an International student taking Sunnybrook Secondary School courses abroad, Grade 9 is the first step towards achieving the OSSD. The foundation courses are the basic courses that you take with Sunnybrook Secondary School to begin your global journey. Thus, we at Sunnybrook Secondary School strongly recommend that you establish a strong base of knowledge before advancing onto the Sophomore courses. By completing Grade 9 successfully at Sunnybrook Secondary School, we ensure you build a substantial opportunity in the upcoming years at Sunnybrook Secondary School as well as advanced studies internationally.

CGC1D – Issues in Canadian Geography

ENG1D - English Academic

ENG1P - English Applied

MPM1D – Principals of Mathematics

PPL1O – Healthy Active Living

SNC1D – Science

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