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The First Toronto High School Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


As we all know, innovation ability is the ability of a person to survive and develop himself in entrepreneurial practice activities. In this entrepreneurship competition, students can not only combine their own interests and creative ideas, so that they can show their talents in their favorite fields and fully reflect their personal talents, but also enrich their resumes through the entrepreneurship competition. Improve your personal background and improve your competitiveness in applying for prestigious schools.

Do you want to feel the collision and fusion of thoughts? Say goodbye to paper talk! Come and register for the first St. Brook Herry Cup High School Entrepreneurship Competition! We have a perfect and interesting schedule system, professional leading teachers and judges, generous rewards, whether you are a Maxima or a unicorn, don't miss it!

Entrepreneurship Competition Process


Competitor Requirements


The Entrepreneurship Competition for High School Students is committed to cultivating the leadership and innovation ability of the contestants. Let students discover their own advantages, show their abilities, improve teamwork ability, be brave in innovation, and break through themselves.


Honor Harvest

Contestants can obtain an official participation certificate issued by our school to enhance the competitiveness of applications from prestigious schools.


Ability training

In this competition, not only will they gain innovative thinking, business awareness, resource integration, leadership, teamwork, etc., these are all essential abilities for future international talents. We create unlimited value in a limited time. In the process of communicating and discussing with the team leader, I will run in and think with each member until the team is polished to the most satisfactory state.



In the competition, everyone united to strive for the opportunity to benefit the team, and obtained professional comments in the communication with our four judges. This business competition is dedicated to cultivating the teamwork and leadership of the contestants, as well as testing their thinking dimensions and dedication, providing them with a platform to understand the entrepreneurial process and put their ideas and ideas into practice.



This business competition has made you make new partners. Maybe you are still arguing because of different ideas, but for the same goal, fight together and achieve each other. This is a platform for making friends of the same age and accumulating contacts. Countless young people found like-minded partners in the competition, met experienced business mentors, and set an example on the way to growth.

The Entrepreneurship Competition is also a business practice competition for all disciplines. If you are interested in entrepreneurship or you are a very thoughtful and creative high school student, if you want to go all out on the field and create value, what are you waiting for~ Come and join us! Looking forward to seeing you all in this competition!

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