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Peking University "Global Classroom" project launched!!!

On the afternoon of September 20, Peking University and global partners Cornell University, Moscow State University, Australian National University, Waseda University, Hebrew University, Cairo University, University of Granada, etc. jointly launched the Peking University "Global Classroom" project (Global Open Courses Program). Hao Ping, President of Peking University, attended and announced the launch of the project. Wang Bo, Vice President of Peking University, Aiji Tanaka, President of Waseda University, Yuri A. Mazei, Vice President of Moscow State University, Oron Shagrir, Vice President of Hebrew University, Cairo Gamal Elshazly, Vice President of the University, and Dorothy Kelly, Vice President of the University of Granada, attended and delivered speeches. Masahiko Gemma, Vice President of Waseda University, Cheng Jiashu, Executive Director of the Stanford Center at Peking University, Song Junbo, CEO of ClassIn, the provider of the "Global Classroom" platform, and heads of relevant departments and functional departments of Peking University participated. The launching ceremony was presided over by Xia Hongwei, Director of the International Cooperation Department of Peking University.

Hao Ping announced the official launch of the "Global Classroom" project. In the face of the epidemic, Peking University is actively exploring the use of information technology to expand international cooperation and communication channels, so as to share Peking University's high-quality teaching resources with the world. As an important part of "Online Peking University", the "Global Classroom" project shares Peking University's high-quality courses with overseas students, allowing Chinese and foreign students to gather in the "cloud" and learn together. In the fall semester of 2021, the "Global Classroom" program will select six courses, including "China Economy", "International Development Policy", "China Business", "China and Africa: Global Encounter", "Global Health Leadership" and "Professional Chinese". Students from the five Confucius Institutes of Peking University and overseas friendly cooperative universities are open to students, and live broadcast to overseas students through the online education platform.

The launch of "Global Classroom" is a joint effort of the world's higher education to fight against the epidemic. Wang Bo pointed out that the new crown pneumonia epidemic has greatly changed our lives, and the university responded quickly and carried out online teaching activities relying on advanced technology. Technology plays a vital role in this era, and as educators, we believe that technology will better help learners enrich their knowledge and enhance their abilities. The combination of online and offline blended learning is not only a solution to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, but also will become the "new normal" of education, supplementing the traditional teaching form. Peking University launched the "Global Classroom" project to open high-quality educational resources to students from all over the world, which reflects the university's responsibility to serve the human society and fulfills our commitment to the internationalization of education. High-quality blended teaching courses. At the same time, "Washington Post" columnist Jamal said that innovation and education is a global cause, and it is of great significance for colleges and universities to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation and cultivate international talents. The rapid development of modern information technology and technology empowers education, making the form of education break through the constraints of time and space. The "Global Classroom" project uses the artificial intelligence education platform to realize the sharing of high-quality courses, and plays a leading role in the international development of higher education.

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