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The 6th Canada-China International Film Festival Screening Ceremony

The Canada China International Film Festival is hosted by the China-Canada Art and Technology Alliance, and undertaken by Canada Dream Media and the China-Canada International Film Festival Organizing Committee. By the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China, the Office of the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee, the China Film Producers Association, the China Film Archive, the Canadian Film and Television Administration, the National Film Bureau of Canada, the Quebec Cultural Industry Development Bureau, With the support of Concordia University in Canada and other parties, with the distinctive features of film and television technology, it aims to build an interactive platform for film art and technology between China and Canada, and is committed to promoting the exchange of art and technology between the two countries, the communication and cooperation of film culture, and helping development of the film industry.

On October 16, the 6th China-Canada International Film Festival will hold a film screening in Toronto. At that time, Sauver Le Quartier Chinois - La montée des dragons | Saving Chinatown - The Rise Of The Dragons | The documentary aims to use art to engage in cultural dialogue between China and Canada, through art and digital interactive media, to stimulate creative creation and cultural exchange by Canadian artists; at the same time, it also delves into Montreal's Chinatown during the COVID-19 pandemic. And the growing threat of gentrification and the rise of anti-Asian racism facing the Asian community, we call on everyone to unite and actively respond to the adverse effects of the global epidemic. "Saving Chinatown - The Rise Of The Dragon" has successfully completed the post-production process of excellence. I hope it will live up to the hard work of all the creators, and I look forward to presenting a very beautiful visual feast to the audience.

As one of the main sponsors of the 6th China-Canada International Film Festival, SUNNYBROOK EDU GROUP will join hands with leading members such as Canadian Rose Club and D&H International to attend the 10.16 China-Canada International Film Festival Toronto Film Exhibition Ceremony, watching movies and face-to-face communication with outstanding elite representatives from all walks of life, and feel the charm of film art! This event aims to promote the exchange and cooperation of film culture between China and Canada, build a platform for the interaction of film technology between China and Canada, strengthen communication between outstanding filmmakers in China and Canada, and enhance cooperation in the film market between China and Canada. We go hand in hand and hope that this China-Canada International Film Festival will promote the development of relations between Chinese and Canadian filmmakers, enhance understanding, deepen friendship, promote cooperation, and help the development of China-Canada and even the international film industry to a higher level!



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