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Volunteer Recruitment Order | Help you get an offer from a famous school! ! !

As one admissions officer of a top 10 school said: "Although many colleges continue to focus on academic performance, parents and students must know that volunteer activities and other extracurricular activities are also very important, especially including UBC, UBC, Well-known schools with fierce competition such as Queen's University, they attach great importance to students' volunteer experience." The offer of prestigious schools is not only based on the academic performance of students on weekdays, but many prestigious schools are increasingly focusing on applicants' volunteer activities or participation in social activities. background.

For high school students, volunteer activities are the most important indicator of whether everyone can graduate. To obtain an Ontario high school diploma, not only 30 credits, but also 40 hours of volunteer time are required. Participating in volunteer activities can not only help students complete the graduation requirements, but also allow students to have more social practice experience as the writing material for application materials when applying for colleges, greatly increasing the chance of college admissions. Many students don't know where to find good volunteer opportunities, especially during the pandemic. Now, St. Brook International High School has contacted many volunteer work opportunities for students, and friends in need come and have a look!

Volunteer activities from October to December are coming~ I hope it can be helpful for students to apply for volunteers, and the editor will regularly push more high-quality volunteer opportunities for you, don't miss it! What are the students waiting for? Get out your notebook and start recording! ! !


Online Youth Program Participant

Volunteer activity description

Youth Power Youth

Volunteer activity description

Toronto Ending Homelessness Movement Catalyst

Volunteer activity description

Volunteer Opportunity At City Of Toronto LTC Home

Volunteer activity description

Delivery Volunteer









Volunteer activity description

Registration Instructions

Garden Volunteer

Volunteer activity description

Retail Volunteer-My Sister's Closet

Volunteer activity description

Student Volunteers For Student Christian Movement Canada

Volunteer activity description

Online Tutor Volunteer

Volunteer activity description

Volunteer Team Member

Volunteer activity description


Volunteer activity description

Nowadays, college applications increasingly emphasize the relevant social practice activities that students participate in and pay attention to students' contributions to the community. Especially, highly competitive majors will pay more attention to whether students actively participate in social activities. However, there are very few volunteer activities during the epidemic. If you can find volunteer opportunities online, you will have a great advantage in applying for colleges in the future. After all, applicants with outstanding volunteer experience will stand out from the crowd and make admissions officers. A bright.

I hope the above information will be helpful for students to apply for volunteers. The editor will regularly push more good volunteer opportunities for you, don't miss it! You can also join our St. Brook International High School Volunteer Group to get meaningful long-term volunteer opportunities. If you want to know more about Canadian universities or volunteer activities, please contact our customer service assistant.

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