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High school subject tutoring
We provide a full range of high school subject remedial courses, based on the Ontario curriculum syllabus, covering mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics and other courses in grades 9-12, tailored for the diversity of students' learning levels and their own uniqueness. On the basis of summarizing the content of the course, strengthen the breakthrough of special exercises to help students grasp the key points and overcome difficulties. During the holidays, students can also preview new subjects to lay the foundation for the new semester.
The high school tutoring program focuses on developing students' rigorous learning attitude, critical thinking and efficient problem-solving skills. While helping students achieve excellent academic performance, it lays a solid foundation for the academic development of future universities. The teachers of Sunnybrook Secondary School have an average teaching experience of more than 5 years. They have a teacher qualification certificate from Ontario, Canada, and have taught more than 4,000 hours. Their rich teaching experience makes them active and efficient academically.
Customized 65+ remedial courses for high school students in grades 9-12
Subjects include:
Target of enrollment
Grades 9-12 High School Students
Offers one-on-one tutoring and group tutoring
Some of them have weak logical thinking ability and spatial imagination ability, and need to be called by famous teachers to check the pain points.
The foundation is weak, and I want to check and fill the gaps in the difficult and weak items in the study, improve the performance level, and clear the obstacles for applying to universities.
The grades of some subjects in public schools are not ideal, the students who have difficulty in selecting courses or time conflicts in our school, and those who hope to improve the average score to sprint to the famous schools
ESL courses
data management
Year 11-12 Accounting BAT3M/4M
Grade 12 Advanced Functions MHF4U
Grades 11-12 Biology SBI3U/4U
Year 12 International Business BBB4M
Grades 10-12 English 3U/4U
Grades 11-12 Physics SPH3U/4U
Year 12 Economics CIA4U
Grades 11-12 Chemistry
Computer Science ICS3U/ICS4U
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