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Credits and Graduation Requirements
Requirements for full credits and graduation in our school:
From Grade9~Grade12
A total of 30 credits are required to be earned:
Complete 18 compulsory credits + 12 elective credits, a total of 30 credits.
This includes credits for required and elective courses, and if you are applying to college, the 30 credits must include 6 credits from grade 12 college preparation courses (suffixed with U).
Students need to complete 40 hours of volunteer activities, such as in a nursing home, or they can do internships in their favorite fields of work, such as hospitals, police stations, schools, or participate in social welfare activities.
From grade 10, you can take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test OSSLT (OSSLT: OntarioSecondary School Literacy Test): If you fail to pass the grade, you can take the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course) English culture in grade 12.
Students can learn about our courses through the school's customer service or visit the school's official website. Our teaching model is different from traditional private schools. Students can freely choose to obtain credits recognized by the Ontario Education Bureau through offline or online courses, so as to achieve excellent results and sprint to world-renowned schools!
International Students
Step 1: Get to know Sunnybrook Secondary School
Entry Requirements
We recommend that students submit IELTS or TOEFL scores before applying to Sunnybrook Secondary School. The IELTS score is required to be 6 points or the same level. If the student does not provide the IELTS score, they need to pass our entrance test (Duolingo Language Test), apply for the ESL course of our school, and directly enter the subject course of our school after completing the course. Learn.
*Students are strongly advised to apply at least 8 weeks before the start of classes, and to prepare school application materials in advance.
First semester starts in March Second semester starts in September Summer School July-August ESL rolling classes all year round
Step 2: Submit the application
Step 3: Student Interview
Step 4: Accept the admission notice and prepare for the trip
Step 5: Arrive in Canada
The online application can be done on the website. In addition to filling out the basic information online, you will need to send the following to info@sunnybrooksecondary.com to complete your application:
After receiving the admission letter, our school counselor will get in touch with the student and arrange the admission test. This test is to help us understand the students' English level and learning ability, and formulate students' future study plans. The test can be conducted online.
1. Confirm your course and pay tuition
When you receive your official letter of acceptance from Sunnybrook Secondary School via email, congratulations on becoming a member of our college! You need to complete tuition payment before the course starts. Students who do not pay the semester fees within the stipulated time may not be able to take courses this semester.
3. Confirm

All students under the age of 18 are considered minors in Ontario, and Canadian Immigration requires that all applicants for a study visa under the age of 18 have a guardian living in the local Canadian community. If you do not have a guardian, Sunnybrook Secondary School will arrange for you to have a guardian responsible.

5. Confirm arrival information
You must send your flight details to the Admissions Office of our college at least two weeks before your arrival in Canada, and one week in advance if you need airport pick-up service.
4. Homestay

Choosing Homestay is the most effective way for some international students to improve their language skills and understand local life. Our school also provides homestay services.

6. Buy medical insurance
The school will uniformly purchase medical insurance for students, and the insurance will take effect from the first day of school.
2. Apply for a Canadian study visa
If you study in Canada for more than six months, you need a study visa (study permit). You should apply for your visa as soon as you receive the official offer letter from our school. The application process can take around three months, depending on your personal circumstances.
If currently under 18, a guardian or parent signature is required. After the school receives the complete application and the tuition fee paid by the student, an offer letter and tuition fee receipt will be sent to you. Students can use it to apply for a study visa in Canada.

When you arrive at Canadian customs, you will need to be prepared to present the following documents:

  • Original letter of admission from Sunnybrook Secondary School

  • valid passport

  • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) if required

  • Entry and exit visa issued by the Canadian embassy

  • Asset proof document

  • Additional supplementary documents required by the visa office You will be issued a study visa upon arrival at Canadian Customs and you must provide our school with copies of the documents prior to your class.

  • Copy of your passport

  • Your current high school transcript, which needs to be notarized and translated into English

How to apply
  1. Please prepare the school application materials, the list is as follows:

    • Scanned copy of passport information page

    • Sunnybrook Secondary School admission application form and application fee completed in English

    • Scanned copy of transcripts for the last 3 years (school stamp and English translation are required)

    • Scanned copy of school study certificate in Chinese and English (including school study time and grade information)

    • Scanned copy of Duolingo/IELTS/TOEFL transcript (if available, it is not required to take the entrance level test of Sunnybrook Secondary School)

  2. Submission method: Please submit the above application materials to our school by email (info@sunnybrooksecondary.com);

  3. If the admission conditions are met, the student will receive a pre-admission notice and a payment notice from the school;

  4. After receiving the tuition fee, the school will issue an official letter of acceptance (Letter of Acceptance), receipt (Receipt) and guardian documents (for applicants under the age of 18) by mail. use;

  5. If the applicant is rejected, the applicant needs to provide the Immigration Bureau's rejection letter, admission notice and receipt to our school. After receiving the documents, our school will refund the tuition fee (minus a certain administrative processing fee); if the applicant cancels the study in our school for non-visa reasons, our school will not give a refund.

Level Transfer for ESL and English Language
English grade reference

Comparison of ESL and IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo

Course code
























IELTS score

ESL level studied

Class length

No IELTS score

After arriving at the school, you need to take the entrance examination

1-6 months


Enroll in A-B level ESL courses

5-6 months


Take a B-D level ESL program

4-5 months


Take D-E Level ESL Courses

3-4 months

5.5 and above

Take an E-level or go directly to high school courses

less than 2 months