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Euclid Mathematics Contest (hereinafter referred to as Euclid Mathematics Contest) is a difficult mathematics competition organized by the School of Mathematics and Computer of the University of Waterloo for high school students around the world. It is also the most valuable and recognized Canadian high school level. Mathematical Competition.
Mathematical Competition
Osay is a prerequisite for students to apply for the University of Waterloo School of Mathematics Scholarship, and it is also a "stepping stone" for the polytechnics of major universities in North America. The University of Waterloo, the host university, has a world-renowned department of mathematics and computer science. Every year, outstanding graduates are favored by well-known IT companies and financial actuarial companies such as IBM and Microsoft, and have many preferential employment opportunities. In recent years, Osay has become an important assessment criterion for the admission and award of scholarships in major Canadian universities in mathematics and computer science, and is even known as Canada's "Mathematics IELTS" and "Mathematics TOEFL".
Euclid Training is a competition-intensive training program for the "Euclide Math Competition" hosted by the University of Waterloo in Canada. Through project learning, students can improve their competitiveness when participating in European competitions, and provide academic foundations and a lot of practical training for obtaining achievement certificates. This will enhance the academic background of the participating students when they apply for world-renowned schools in the future, and enhance their competitiveness in further studies.
Waterloo Euclidean Math Competition Advantages

Waterloo Euclidean Math Competition Advantages


Bridge to world-famous schools

As we all know, the University of Waterloo's excellent reputation and tradition in the field of mathematics, coupled with the strictness and professionalism of the European competition inspection standards, so the competition results have been widely recognized in the world's famous schools - the top 25% of the results are English and mathematics. A credential with excellent comprehensive ability can stand out from the thousands of candidate resumes in the hands of admissions officers.

University of Waterloo stepping stone

Students who want to apply for the University of Waterloo will be recommended to participate in the European competition. Those with excellent grades can not only greatly improve the probability of being admitted to the Department of Mathematics and Software Engineering of the University of Waterloo, but also have the opportunity to obtain rich admission scholarships (ranging from 1000-8000 Canadian dollars) .

Chinese students have significant advantages

Compared with the difficulty and difficulty of the major mathematics cups in China, the Waterloo Euclidean Competition pays more attention to the test of the candidates' thinking ability. Chinese high school students have strong math test-taking abilities. As long as they develop a habit of mathematical logic thinking in North America after a period of professional study and training, they can easily get a better ranking in the competition. International-level math competition test preparation experience will also promote the improvement of learning ability and language ability, and will become the highlight of applying for a famous school.

Competition Awards

Competition Awards


Individual award

• Certificate of Distinction: Students in the top 25% of global entrants will receive a certificate

• Contest Medal: Awarded to the champion of each school as determined by CEMC

• Honour Rolls: The high-scoring contestants in the Canadian region, the Canadian region unofficial, and the international region will be nominated in the honor rolls of each region.

• Plaque: Canada's top five official players receive $500 in addition to their medals

• Canada's top 6-15 official players can get a $200 bonus

Team Award

• The school can choose to participate in the evaluation of team scores, and the score is the sum of the scores of the three highest-scoring official players

• 3 mid-level awards in Canada: Zone, Provincial, National

• Canadian schools can rate Canadian Championship Plaque, Provincial Championship Plaques, and Zone Championship Certificates

• Overseas schools will also have honor rolls, rankings, etc.

Competition Rules

Competition Rules


Competition topic

The competition is 2.5 hours long, with a total score of 100 points. There are 10 questions in total. There are no multiple-choice questions, all of which are short answer questions. Each question has 2-3 sub-questions.

Competition knowledge points

The investigation of Euclid knowledge points is very stable, and only focuses on basic algebraic operations and equation solving, sequence, polynomial, plane geometry, analytic geometry, number theory, trigonometric identity and trigonometric functions, permutation and probability, and logarithms.

Available calculators

Calculators are available, and most calculators will work, except those that include:

Network function/communication function with other devices/memory function/computer algebra system/dynamic geometry software

Course Details

Course Details


Class type

Excellent small class teaching, 1v1, 1v2, 1v4 classes to choose from

Faculty Team

A teaching team composed of many senior teachers. The teachers all have prestigious school backgrounds, and are currently well-known high school mathematics teachers in Ontario.

Course content

30 hours of the live broadcast sprint before the test. Before the test, a total of 30 hours of online live training courses will be arranged.

The course content includes: sorting out knowledge, attacking difficulties, and emphasizing instructions.

The training sessions will be conducted live. The duration is 4 months, 2 lessons per week, 15 lessons, a total of 30 lessons.

Target of enrollment

high school students

Students who wish to improve their academic background and apply to prestigious universities

Students who want to challenge themselves and participate in international math competitions

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