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Online-Merge-Offline Educational Program Tailored To Your Vision OMO teaching model Tailored for you Turn our shared vision into reality Transforming Education Together go hand in hand develop together Online and offline combined teaching Exploring innovative approaches to future education Realize educational innovation
Sunnybrook Education Group is scientifically and rigorously exploring the OMO education model through the establishment of global strategic education alliances and in-depth cooperation, focusing on improving teaching effect and experience, and opening up data in all links through new technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence and big data. Deeply integrate online and offline learning scenarios, realize standardized processes and personalized education innovation services, help partners explore and practice globalized and intelligent education projects, develop a more profound education blueprint for students, and achieve win-win cooperation. Relying on a strong curriculum system, digital management platform and comprehensive and professional teacher training, Sunnybrook Education Group actively reshapes business processes and improves teaching effects, helping partner institutions to stand out in educational reforms. We work hand in hand to achieve educational innovation, teach students in accordance with their aptitude and empower more students to actively engage in learning, stimulate their potential and realize their dreams. Sunnybrook Education Group sincerely invites you to contact us to join the high school joint training management project cooperation to achieve strategic cooperation and win-win!

Our educational partnerships will be built on a deep understanding of your educational aspirations, school culture, and challenges. Based on adhering to the common educational goal, Sunnybrook Education Group will reshape the business process and improve the teaching effect, discuss with you and customize a unique project positioning, and design the most suitable teaching blueprint for you. Sunnybrook Education Group follows the OMO education model, integrates offline teaching effects with online teaching data, and integrates all data including offline education, online courses, dual-teacher classrooms, and intelligent learning platforms to form an online platform.
Sunnybrook Education Group provides partners with a systematic project implementation management system ranging from academic administration, teacher teaching, university application planning and admissions guidelines. By providing comprehensive teacher training, publicity manuals, standard processes and professional and efficient OMO educational technical support, Sunnybrook Education Group flexibly and continuously conducts online and offline combined teaching, offline audition, online interactive live broadcast, online customer acquisition, and online and offline integrated teaching various combinations, which can fully realize the joint training project with high school partners. Comprehensive improvement of management teaching effect, marginal cost and brand benefit.
Sunnybrook Education Group makes full use of the OMO education model's advantages of cross-time and flexibility of online teaching, and carries out teaching activities such as online teaching, personalized tutoring, home-school co-education, and live video lectures; makes full use of offline teaching with high brand recognition and teamwork With the advantages of learning and a strong sense of atmosphere, teaching activities such as offline teaching, key counseling, and audition are carried out. Sunnybrook Education Group cooperates with partner colleges and universities from teaching quality to student service. Through a scientific and rigorous centralized evaluation management system, it provides continuous teacher improvement training and professional and efficient teaching, so as to ensure the quality of teaching and work together to build a unique high school. Standards for future-oriented international education programs.
After becoming a strategic partner of Sunnybrook Education Group's OMO education model high school joint training management program, you will gradually establish close cooperation with world-class universities, Canadian public school boards and global school communities, through global college preparatory programs, international markets Joint marketing, international school leadership exchange activities, global student exchange programs, short-term cultural exchanges and other international activities to enhance the school's international education reputation and global education influence. OMO's teaching model integrating online and offline provides students with a full-scene, personalized high-quality learning experience. Relying on the analysis of students' dynamic service data, a standardized teaching management process is formed to achieve global management that reduces costs and improves efficiency, providing students with personalized high-quality educational content and improving learning effects.
Professional teacher training

High standard induction teacher training

Sunnybrook Secondary School is taught by teachers certified by Ontario, and strictly follows the Canadian Ontario curriculum system and evaluation methods to ensure the quality of teachers. Teachers, whose first language is English, help students experience the authentic Canadian classroom. The teachers of the school have high-quality education degrees in various disciplines and rich teaching experience. They teach in English according to the lesson preparation materials and syllabus, and are proficient in using multimedia platforms to teach.


All-round scientific training teacher

Through a scientific teacher training and management system, a strong and well-structured teacher team has been created. The teachers are all guided by the elites of North American experts and teachers, covering all aspects of the course content, teaching mode, teaching method, etc. The platform provides differentiated teaching to ensure high-quality teaching quality, and actively interacts with students after class to provide course counseling.


Professional teacher management

Sunnybrook Secondary School provides a complete teacher training mechanism, strictly in accordance with the Canadian Ontario curriculum system and evaluation methods, to ensure that the teacher resources meet the requirements of the Canadian Ontario teaching standards. At the same time, we provide teachers with a series of training such as professional background improvement and solve the challenges encountered in the teaching process in a targeted manner to ensure the continuous improvement of the professional ability of the teaching team.


Standardized Teacher Evaluation System

Sunnybrook Seconday School uses professional evaluation systems and methods to conduct diversified examinations on teachers on a regular basis. After the test is completed, the results of various examinations are combined to clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of teachers, and conduct targeted training to improve teachers' various skills. ability to further improve the teaching level.

Global partners
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Sunnybrook Education Group joins hands with elite partners in the education industry in various regions of the world to jointly build a student-centered global differentiated education system, break geographical boundaries, operate efficiently and collaboratively, and make the best quality international education accessible to the world.