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School Profile
Sunnybrook Secondary School is an international educational institution that promotes high-quality K-12 differentiated education globally, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. With the all-round development of students as the core, we are committed to making full use of North American educational concepts, advanced curriculum systems and strong faculty, optimizing and integrating global educational resources through emerging educational technologies and regional cooperation, and providing students around the world with the best quality North American education. Educational Resources.
Sunnybrook Secondary School is a global secondary school under the Sunnybrook Education Group that represents the latest education model. It provides grades 9-12 Ontario High School Credit Course (OSSD), which is certified by the Ontario Ministry of Education. The school's teaching process, The assessment standards are all directly supervised by the Ontario Education Ministry, BSID#668381. Open a number of full-time overseas high school courses, break the traditional education model, and bring the best learning experience to more families. Cultivate talents with an international perspective and meet the needs of society in the new era.
In order to meet the needs of domestic families for studying abroad and further education, we provide each student with a variety of educational options. Sunnybrook Education Group concentrates the best educational resources in North America, and offers different types of high school courses through the upgrading of the educational system and experience, so that students do not have to travel across the ocean, they can directly register for Canadian high school status in their home countries and enjoy the top education in North America. The global direct train that is more secure for further studies is now recruiting students from the whole society.